This report from Adobe studying 16.2 billion transactions over the 2011 holiday season is worth noting. The report found that tablet users were inclined to spend more money per sale than either smartphone or traditional online shoppers. And not just by a little.

As far as the numbers go, tablet users spent 50% more than smartphone users and 20% more than traditional users. As Jimmy Fallon might say, “Who doesn’t want 50% more cash?”

The study concludes that the demographic profiles of those who favor tablet use (18-24 y.o. males with higher than average incomes), as well as the tablet user experience itself (used more on weekends, at home, so more time to shop) could be the reason for the significant lead in amount purchased.

So what can association managers take from this? Well, for one thing, it underscores the pressing need to have a multi-platform approach to selling and marketing products and services. It should go without saying by now, but it’s no longer enough to simply have a static website on your association site where shoppers can go to buy products.

As this report seems to show, the biggest potential ROI can come from tablet users. However, since tablet users still represent only around 4% of all online visits, a robust user experience across all platforms, including tablets–which by their nature provide a unique, new way to interact with your potential customers–is essential.