Three Reasons to Print Association Newsletters

I’m no luddite. Just because I have two degrees and years of practical experience in printing management doesn’t mean I’m married to the old, boring, stodgy, dead tree days. I like mobile apps as much as the next 40-something hipster wannabe, have no fear.

But when it comes to an association’s media mix, there is nothing (I’m looking at you, Twitter feed) that can cut through the clutter of electronic overload like having a beautifully printed, tangible reminder of just why your members (or their bosses) fork out the big bucks every year at membership renewal time. I’m just sayin’.

In any event, here’s a piece I wrote for Association Media and Publishing’s (AMP) Final Proof newsletter. Of course it’s an e-newsletter, just for the irony.

Three Reasons to Print Association Newsletters – Final Proof Archives

Are You Ready for the Handheld Takeover?

Occasionally I have the pleasure of working with the fantastic team of content gatherers and creators over at Association Media and Publishing (AMP). This article that I wrote for the AMP blog, Blurb, looks at a trend that is slowly transforming the landscape of association publishing: the move to mobile.

It’s amazing that laptops, which only a few years ago were luxuries, are now fast on the way to obsolescence. I, for one, welcome our palm sized overlords.

Are You Ready for the Handheld Takeover?